Da Zhang is an architect who was always an incredible student. Da’s parents wanted him to become an engineer but he instead went for his passion – architecture. Da says that it was a very daring decision on his part as all the class-fellows and friends of his who were great students were going for the engineering due to the rise of several companies that require engineers like Hyundai, Samsung simultaneously in South Korea.

Da has several many other passions than architecture which includes online gambling and auto blogging. Da has won several bets with online Toto and he has lost many as well but it is miraculous that he wins bigger bets and lose the tiny ones. Da recently purchased a Hyundai Elantra with the money he won with betting on one Toto website.

Being an auto blogger, Da says that powerful scooters are a much better bet compared to the powerful motorcycles. He says that the joy of riding a scooter or a motorcycle is definitely subjective, some people like riding a scooter a lot more than riding a motorcycle and the opposite is also true. Da himself likes riding scooter more than he does like riding a motorcycle.

Da hates the fact that people of the developing countries still prefer entry level sedans over the premium hatchbacks although they seldom use the boot of their sedan which is the main purpose and utility of buying a sedan.

Da hates the adjustable driver seats, he says that it always gets him confused.

Da is against the plastic made dashboards and he says that sooner or later the car manufacturers will have to replace these unsafe, light and easily broken plastic dashboards with dashboards made of steel with a very thick leather sheet all over them.

Da has a passion for kissing women with peppermint lipstick and whenever he visits an escort at his most favorite place on earth – Goa, India, his first requirement is that the escort must wear peppermint lipstick. He has one helluva sexual escapade in Goa with South Goa Escorts.

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