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There was a time when I would make regular visits to the nearby brothel but then I got into a long-term relationship with a hooker and my life changed for the better. I am getting for free now what I used to pay a fortune for.

Anyways, there is this friend of mine who is a digital marketing specialist and brand manager. He sells his services on Elance, Fiverr and other platforms as well. He also teaches Portuguese, Esperanto and Spanish languages online. This friend of mine tried to sell dildos house to house in order to find a desperate enough woman to get lucky. But unfortunately, some of the women whose doors he knocked, called the cops on him, and he finally decided to stop doing that nonsense only after failing in pursuit for some days.

Nowadays, he is planning to inaugurate the world’s first adult courier service, which will only cater adult products including sex toys, sexy lingeries, bikinis, viagras and the likes only. He has very high hopes with this business idea and he believes that this idea is going to be his first step to become the next Jeff Bezos.

He has already created a website dedicated to this upcoming business of his, where he has been posting statements and other interesting stuff like, “Shout out to the Republic of China for making dildos, fleshlights, and other sex toys so reasonably priced.”

He also once posted a controversial post claiming that the Professional Wrestler Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust’s wife – Terri Runnels, who also worked as a Professional Wrestler and Valet for a while worked as an escort for a couple of years after her divorce with Dustin Rhodes, to get over with the divorce and to freshen up her mind completely. He further added that most of her clients used to be busty lesbians, not straight or bisexual men.

Amazon Inc may supply Nuru Masseuses in the future, claims a staff member of the AsianSexDiary

I wonder all the time about how much money could the Amazon Inc make, if they started pimping Japanese Nuru Masseuses. Look at the popularity of Masseuses nowadays, the AsianSexDiary receives millions of views per day, with tens of thousands of dicks being stroked to such videos every second.

After reading the above statement by me, you may be wondering that I am a Capitalist, so to your surprise, no, I am not a Capitalist, but I am rather what I call a ‘Socialist-Pleasurist’, I believe that most of the humans have been wasting their time in chasing paper money, because ultimately, the world is all going to be a Socialist world and the biggest proof are the events that have been going around the world, presently. I believe that by ‘New World Order’, Ex-President of the United States of America – George Bush Jr, meant a ‘Socialist World’, dictated by the USA alone. So, why waste your time in accumulating wealth, have all the sex that you can.

I have a weird fetish that I find women wearing anything leather to be extremely tempting, be it leather gloves or leather boots, just has to be leather. And I have this peculiar quality of being able to identify real leather or faux leather from miles away. My father or mother were never involved in the leather business and neither did any of my grandparents and I am still trying to figure it out that where did I get this ability from. Maybe, my real biological dad is not my real dad, only my mother knows.

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I have lately been working on to invent contraceptive pills that rather increase estrogen levels in the women rather than decreasing it. I believe that this invention of mine will definitely make you see couple having publicsex everywhere. You would literally be enjoying publicagent videos like scenario everywhere in real life.

Blessed are the pornstars who get paid for fucking. If you have sex at a public place in the United States, you get charged for it, but if you have sex in the public to shoot a publicporn movie, you get paid. What a marvelous country we live in! God Bless America!

I am really glad that most of the trendsetters today for women are sex freaks, be it WWE Divas, Pornstars, Singers or Hollywood Actresses. What I am even more happy about is the fact that more than ever before, all these trendsetters and the common women of our nation are open about how much they enjoy sexual activity in public.

Well, I wrote this parody song for CC Catch’s Hollywood Nights last night when I went out of lube and due to a very strong jock itch on dick, I couldn’t even imagine taking a wank without my lube. So, here is the song:-

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Kamasutra positions can go along, long way

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Courage in the bedroom is not just the absence of fear, but enthusiasm to do things you have never done before. No matter how scary it may sound. For me personally, the best young newcomer pornstar is Holly Hendrix for the stuff she is willing to do. Nothing can compare. No matter how many Lexxxi Londons, London Reigns, Blair Williams, Lana Rhoades, Keisha Greys or Ortega Twins come, the greatest according to me is a bitch like Holly Hendrix who is willing to be dominated, tortured or do whatever it takes to make the men all across the globe happy.

My most favorite video of Holly Hendrix is the one in which the guy torn all her lingerie before getting all inside her asshole. I already enjoy lingerie porn a lot, and when features something like that, it is really something special for me.

I believe that retired pornstars should never get married into a traditional marriage. I believe that an open marriage is the right sort of marriage for them, mainly due to their extraordinary libidos which got even strengthened due to having sex all the time and fueling the same deliberately while working as pornstars.

After doing a thorough study on the ancient statements and idioms regarding the sexuality of men and women, I have come to the conclusion that those are mostly false, especially those hailing from the ancient China, India and Greece. I agree with the Romans to a great extent on such statements though.

I believe that the sex lives of the people all across the world, especially in the Islamic world will be greatly improved if the people are imparted proper sex education like they are being done in a couple of countries. You don’t need anything else but this blog if you have already stumbled upon the same to get sex education for yourself. Keep reading, keep fapping, keep sucking, keep fucking.

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It is always a better experience compared to the previous time, each time I make love to my current girlfriend. Both her and myself have been getting better ever since we met each and other, in the words of this blog’s readers, we have been getting better ever since we fucked each for the first time.

My girlfriend speaks very politely in the public and like any other publicly soft-spoken woman that I ever got to know, she talks equally dirty in the private.

I used to be an extremely religious and spiritual in the past. And after experiencing atheism, free sex, religions, spirituality, all in extreme depth, I have come to the conclusion that spirituality and religion are nine days’ wonder while free sex is forever.

After having fun with several different ugly, beautiful and average looking women belonging to different ethnicities, income groups, body types, etc, I have come to the conclusion that ugly women with curvy bodies are the best fucks and talkative women are the lamest fucks. And also, both healthy and wealthy women have one thing in common and that is that they both love to fuck. Take Kayla Quinn and Emma Starr for example, both the chicks were millionaires even before joining the porn industry and they both are some of the best fucks that a man could ask for. Don’t believe me? Watching any of their free movies on Xhamster to know what am I saying.

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I didn’t have an idea that my grandma is one horny bitch until I saw her on one of the alternatives to livejasmin. I jack off to my grandma’s live sex chat each night when she is on the cam and nevertheless feel guilty afterwards. The only times when I didn’t jack off to her was when I was on NoFap and when she wasn’t working on that live sex cam chat website because she was undergoing some surgeries. I also didn’t have an idea that my grandma is half-plastic until I saw her naked for the first time.

Many times watching my grandma getting naked and fucking those teenage boys on the live cam chat makes me wonder that how fortunate have I been to have been born at the time when I can see such activities live, even more fortunate was my granddad who got to fuck my sexy grandma all the time when he was alive and made her pop out 9 babies out of her pretty pussy. My uncle and dad have been greatly fortunate as well to have sucked my grandma’s nipples. Sometimes, when I get too excited, I feel like telling my feelings to my grandma but then as soon as I come, I come back to my senses and start thinking how stupid I was to even think about telling my grandmother that I want to tittyfuck her, make her suck my dick and put it inside both her dirty holes.

Did I ever tell you that I lost my virginity to an elder female cousin of mine. She looks a lot like the pornstar Penny Flame and the biggest coincidence is that she initiated it after she caught me jerking off to a Penny Flame video while she was a guest at our house. Me jacking off to a Penny Flame video that day also has a great story behind it, in reality, I wanted to jack off to the same cousin’s pictures because her moving around in my house wearing skimpy clothes had me drool over her and back then, the only social media that we had was the Orkut, which used to be down often and it was luckily down that evening too.

Smart people spend their precious time with private strippers not friends

I personally believe that we need to find something in between the Communism and Capitalism if we really want to build a perfect society for ourselves and our upcoming generations.

Most friendships and relationships in the modern day and age are for the sale, so why waste your time on such useless stressful things when you can use the same on enjoying private strippers. But that is just me and all of my successful friends, you may go waste your precious time on maintaining your useless friendships. Good Luck to you!

It is my personal observation of about a decade that not the greatest chain smoker in the world, be it a male or a female is going to smoke a cigarette while having sex. Forget about smoking a cigarette while having sex, they aren’t even going to have it while enjoying a strip dance. I am one of the greatest chain smokers that you have never met, but when it comes to enjoying a strip dance or some sex, I forget completely that there is such a thing as a cigarette.

Although I hate the institute of marriage overall, I am okay with the open marriages. One of the facts being that the children born to parents in open marriages tend to be 1.5 times as smart as the ones born to the parents that had a traditional marriage. I pity the fact that I was born to the parents who had a traditional Catholic marriage, otherwise I would have been a lot smarter.

In the end, no matter how much sex you have, it is never enough, fuck it till you break it.