I personally believe that we need to find something in between the Communism and Capitalism if we really want to build a perfect society for ourselves and our upcoming generations.

Most friendships and relationships in the modern day and age are for the sale, so why waste your time on such useless stressful things when you can use the same on enjoying private strippers. But that is just me and all of my successful friends, you may go waste your precious time on maintaining your useless friendships. Good Luck to you!

It is my personal observation of about a decade that not the greatest chain smoker in the world, be it a male or a female is going to smoke a cigarette while having sex. Forget about smoking a cigarette while having sex, they aren’t even going to have it while enjoying a strip dance. I am one of the greatest chain smokers that you have never met, but when it comes to enjoying a strip dance or some sex, I forget completely that there is such a thing as a cigarette.

Although I hate the institute of marriage overall, I am okay with the open marriages. One of the facts being that the children born to parents in open marriages tend to be 1.5 times as smart as the ones born to the parents that had a traditional marriage. I pity the fact that I was born to the parents who had a traditional Catholic marriage, otherwise I would have been a lot smarter.

In the end, no matter how much sex you have, it is never enough, fuck it till you break it.

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