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These Muslim men really need large houses with great soundproofing, especially when they have single male neighbors. One of the single neighbors of a Muslim man living with his 4 hot wives in a small house, got so sexually tensed and horny listening to the sounds of screams and moans all the time, that he once broke into the house when there was only one of the wives inside the house and raped her ass and even made a video of him committing the rape, only to first get his ass kicked hard by the Muslims living in the neighborhood, they really beat him like they do beat the stray dog in Libya, and then handled him to the cops, and finally he got to serve years in prison.

I really believe that there will not be rapes anywhere in the first world, if the men regularly check the updated, latest and popular live sex cam websites on List100Cams.com and jerk-off looking at those hot broads fucking themselves or their partners.

There are literally more whores in my neighborhood than there are in the entire city of Las Vegas. Many of these whores work full-time jobs and provide their escort services to make an extra buck and enjoy different dicks each without much hassle.

Once I hired an escort and she turned out to be one of closest neighbors, she told me that she escorts even though she makes a full-time living with her job as a programmer, just because it gives her the feeling that her pussy is worth millions and also the feeling that she is something special.

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