Domain Flipper trusts none other than VibratorHome when it comes to having anal sex with a toy

Karen Hernandez from Frankfort, Kentucky, is a domain flipper by the day and sex blogger by the night, who writes on her blog that fresh pussies are overrated.

Karen claims on her blog that most of the priests nowadays are bisexual and it applies to the Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist priest almost equally. She claims to know several such priests themselves, she says that she even knows some celibate male priests who regularly buy sex toys for themselves from vibrator home.

Karen loves the taste of semen but finds it hard to digest.

Karen believes that the essence of all the Abrahamic religions is sexuality and David the Shepherd, Solomon the Wise, Prophet Muhammad are some of the proofs of the same.

Karen hates having sex in the dark, especially when it is a threesome, foursome or group sex. She writes that having a foursome in the dark is like buying a Lamborghini or Ferrari and sitting in the passenger seat.

Karen believes that Instagram is like the Backpage for high class independent escorts and sooner the world realizes it, the better it is.

Karen writes that she knows several indigenous Americans, who are better than the blacks in the bedroom and are always eager to show their sexual prowess to the women belonging to other races.

Karen recently made a post on her blog accusing many fake Uber drivers of pimping chicks in an innovative way. This post of Karen received a lot of negative comments from men and women claiming to be Uber drivers but Karen rejected those all accusing those from the pimp Uber driver mafia after which Karen was accused of being a dictator by many of her regular readers.

Ejaculation kills Coronavirus and Eating Duck Eggs reduces libido, claims a Hentai Freak Perfume Retailer

Dakota Acland is the owner of a perfume retail chain with stores all over the state of New Jersey that has suffered over 5 robberies till date.

Dakota’s greatest passion is performing and writing about sex. She says that the only month when she doesn’t feel as horny is the month of August.

Dakota is engaged to a religious Arabic Sunni Muslim man, who reads the Quran all day and fasts whenever he cannot get a pussy. He has been trying to have more sex than ever before with his fiance than ever before since someone told him that the ejaculation kills coronavirus.

Dakota is a bisexual who claims that hairy pussies don’t only smell or look better than their shaved counterparts, but they also feel much better when you are inside one of those.

Dakota is a health and medical enthusiast and she agrees with those who claim that those who believe that semen is a waste product if they don’t want to procreate are right.

Dakota once wrote on a Hentai community (โดจิน) that she is very active in that eating duck reduces libido and it also brings in bad luck, she says that eating eggs does the opposite and that’s the reason why so many cultures refrain from eating any sort of duck meat, including Indians.

Dakota believes that the only thing is better nowadays about the porn industry compared to its golden age are its ad-slicks.