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I studied at the same school as the Saraya-Jade Bevis aka Paige of the WWE. She used to be one of the nicest girls in the school and I believe that it is the dirty pro-wrestling business that ruined her with the drug usage and made her a sex addict. Whatever the case may be, I think that she should start escorting or stripping rather than trying her hand in any other business, because that is because escorting and stripping is where the easy money is for dumb girls like herself. She could also try becoming a camgirls live model.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you all about this Gynecologist friend of mine who fucks escorts all winters, hires female strippers all summers, stays celibate in the rainy season and doesn’t plan to ever get married. I applaud this friend of mine for most of his decisions. He is really smart.

A pornstar male friend of mine who is a well-known face in the industry recently told me that the pornstars can never get enough sex, they regularly indulge in swinger sex. One such female pornstar that I won’t name here is an Italian BBW with beautiful green eyes. She is pretty well-known, now guess who she is and tell me the name in the comment section.

I have a Spanish-American friend whose most predictions regarding different movements in the world are really coming true, especially the ones related to the feminist movement. He is also a sort of conspiracy theorist and I have become more like his pupil than his friend lately.

This Spanish-American friend of mine never gets tired of repeating on his blog and in person that he doesn’t believe in the New World Order (NWO) but rather in the New Sex Order (NSO).

Austrian Gentleman prefers Mature Childless Goan Escort Girls over any other

If you would like to dance with your choice of lady, then just ask the Goa Russian escorts agency and they will send you someone who loves to dance. Generally speaking, 7 out of 10 Indian call girls love to dance.

Myles Davidson is a gentleman, currently a citizen of Austria, who lived in the New York City for 3 years, in Miami City for 2 years, in the city of London for 10 years, he claims that no other city has the call girls as gorgeous and fun-loving as the capital of the Goa province of India – Panaji.

Myles has a sex blog of his own. He writes that last time when he finished enjoying with the of his choice, he prayed to God to send him someone just like her the other night as well because this one was to leave the town the very next day.

Myles believes that the competition has no effect on the performance of a call girl. He claims to have visited major cities where there is very high competition between the escorts and he also claims to have visited small towns where the competition between the call girls is almost non-existent, they all have always been equally nice to him.

Myles claims that call girls are some of the fastest learners in the world.

Myles writes that he prefers childless mature call girls over younger ones. He has a message for all the 35+ year old mature unmarried childless women across the globe “Being a wife is like being a slave but being a call girl is like being free as a bird.”

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Karen Hernandez from Frankfort, Kentucky, is a domain flipper by the day and sex blogger by the night, who writes on her blog that fresh pussies are overrated.

Karen claims on her blog that most of the priests nowadays are bisexual and it applies to the Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist priest almost equally. She claims to know several such priests themselves, she says that she even knows some celibate male priests who regularly buy sex toys for themselves from vibrator home.

Karen loves the taste of semen but finds it hard to digest.

Karen believes that the essence of all the Abrahamic religions is sexuality and David the Shepherd, Solomon the Wise, Prophet Muhammad are some of the proofs of the same.

Karen hates having sex in the dark, especially when it is a threesome, foursome or group sex. She writes that having a foursome in the dark is like buying a Lamborghini or Ferrari and sitting in the passenger seat.

Karen believes that Instagram is like the Backpage for high class independent escorts and sooner the world realizes it, the better it is.

Karen writes that she knows several indigenous Americans, who are better than the blacks in the bedroom and are always eager to show their sexual prowess to the women belonging to other races.

Karen recently made a post on her blog accusing many fake Uber drivers of pimping chicks in an innovative way. This post of Karen received a lot of negative comments from men and women claiming to be Uber drivers but Karen rejected those all accusing those from the pimp Uber driver mafia after which Karen was accused of being a dictator by many of her regular readers.

Ejaculation kills Coronavirus and Eating Duck Eggs reduces libido, claims a Hentai Freak Perfume Retailer

Dakota Acland is the owner of a perfume retail chain with stores all over the state of New Jersey that has suffered over 5 robberies till date.

Dakota’s greatest passion is performing and writing about sex. She says that the only month when she doesn’t feel as horny is the month of August.

Dakota is engaged to a religious Arabic Sunni Muslim man, who reads the Quran all day and fasts whenever he cannot get a pussy. He has been trying to have more sex than ever before with his fiance than ever before since someone told him that the ejaculation kills coronavirus.

Dakota is a bisexual who claims that hairy pussies don’t only smell or look better than their shaved counterparts, but they also feel much better when you are inside one of those.

Dakota is a health and medical enthusiast and she agrees with those who claim that those who believe that semen is a waste product if they don’t want to procreate are right.

Dakota once wrote on a Hentai community (โดจิน) that she is very active in that eating duck reduces libido and it also brings in bad luck, she says that eating eggs does the opposite and that’s the reason why so many cultures refrain from eating any sort of duck meat, including Indians.

Dakota believes that the only thing is better nowadays about the porn industry compared to its golden age are its ad-slicks.

Imagine Tattooed Goth Nurses roaming around all naked in the hospitals around the world

I believe that having nothing but naked nurses in the hospital will help the patients get better faster, but I know that the crook politicians won’t let it happen. Imagine a tattoo goth girl roaming around everywhere in a hospital, wearing nothing at all. This would also help identify the nurses better in the hospital, both to the patients and doctors. Doctors would be able to identify the nurses by their tattoos, boobs, butt, nipples, etc.

There’s no barometer that can measure the attraction between a straight man and a woman or even between the people belonging to the LGBT community. And I would be more than glad if they are able to create one in the near future. Men and women would be seriously roaming around carrying that barometer to find a perfect soulmate, to know their self-worth, or just to have a good time.

I recently wrote this parody for the song produced in 1986 – “Is this love” by Whitesnake and I would love to share it with you all, it goes like:-

“I should have done you better

Than to fuck you in the missionary position alone

It’s cumshots like these

I feel like better than doing it on my own all alone

Wasted condoms and your pussy still tight

And I can’t wait to fuck you in the same position again.

I find my dick still erect

Waiting for your warm mouth

How can I jerk-off, babe

My dick is inside my fleshlight

I need your pussy tight

To make it white

‘Cause I don’t think I am gonna use a condom today.

Is this friction that I am feeling

Is this the hole that I’ve been searching for

Is this real or am I having a wet dream

This must be real

‘Cause your pussy is smelling like a fish

A stinking fish to me.

I can’t stop cumming

I have never came so much before

I think I have found the key to cum this much

Inside any hole of yours

I can feel my dick erect

Growing stronger day by day

And I can’t wait to fuck you in the same position again.”

Is this the hole by FapKing

I really hope that you liked the song and some of you might even consider singing the same. I am writing one more sex parody song right now and will share it with you as well.

Polyamorous women are far more fun than their Monogamous counterparts and those Poly Couples Porn Videos are the proof

I have always been a boob guy. I have traveled across the globe as a sex tourist and let me tell you that nothing feels as good as Pathan nipples. Pathan or Pashtun are people belonging to Afghanistan. They also have a large population of them living in the rest of the Indian subcontinent, mainly India and Pakistan. Many of the mainstream top Indian actors and actresses belong to the Pathan heritage, Saif Ali Khan, his daughter – Sara Ali Khan, to name a few. I don’t think that Sara Ali Khan’s nipples are nearly as good as the average Pathan nipples, I would still try my best to suck those though.

My parents died while having sex and an earthquake came. They were in the intercourse position during their death, it looked like my mom was riding my dad in the cowgirl position. One of my uncles, who is a Catholic priest, till date claims that both my parents got punishment for their sin. This uncle of mine believes that sex is only for procreation and because my parents weren’t planning for a kid, they committed a mortal sin.

I am certain that this Catholic priest uncle of mine enjoys watching poly couples porn when nobody is looking at him. I have been trying my best to intrude into his privacy and expose him for a while.

I recently enjoyed a trip to the Republic of China, where I enjoyed the women, the beautiful sights, almost everything there. I also became familiar with several Chinese men and women belonging to the villages and small towns, and after talking to them on several different topics and observing their lifestyles, I came to conclude that a Chinese not afraid of demons is as rare as a street hooker in Beverly Hills. Really, the Chinese women aren’t afraid of a Mandingo sized-cock as much as they are afraid of the ghosts and demons.

More Escorts on Live Sex Cam Websites than ever before

I really envy the Muslim men who have more women waiting for them at their home whom they can fuck with or without their will than the number of cars they have in their personal garages.

These Muslim men really need large houses with great soundproofing, especially when they have single male neighbors. One of the single neighbors of a Muslim man living with his 4 hot wives in a small house, got so sexually tensed and horny listening to the sounds of screams and moans all the time, that he once broke into the house when there was only one of the wives inside the house and raped her ass and even made a video of him committing the rape, only to first get his ass kicked hard by the Muslims living in the neighborhood, they really beat him like they do beat the stray dog in Libya, and then handled him to the cops, and finally he got to serve years in prison.

I really believe that there will not be rapes anywhere in the first world, if the men regularly check the updated, latest and popular live sex cam websites on and jerk-off looking at those hot broads fucking themselves or their partners.

There are literally more whores in my neighborhood than there are in the entire city of Las Vegas. Many of these whores work full-time jobs and provide their escort services to make an extra buck and enjoy different dicks each without much hassle.

Once I hired an escort and she turned out to be one of closest neighbors, she told me that she escorts even though she makes a full-time living with her job as a programmer, just because it gives her the feeling that her pussy is worth millions and also the feeling that she is something special.

This Internet Marketeer claims that Tai Lopez jacks off to the Japanese Porn all the time

One of my very good friends is a full-time internet marketeer from Tokyo, Japan, who has been bashing the self-proclaimed Marketing Guru – Tai Lopez, a lot lately. I am not aware whether Tai Lopez is even aware of the blog of this friend of mine or not, but he tries his best to get Tai Lopez’s attention.

He once made a post on his blog stating that whence he saw Tom Bilyeu interviewing Tai Lopez, he wondered why would Tom Bilyeu ruin his credibility by interviewing a scammer like Tai Lopez, but then he recalled that Tom Bilyeu himself is an unethical guy with no sense, who uses the ‘f’ word so frequently.

He once went to the extent of stating that Tai Lopez spends most of his time jacking off to the junior idol videos and in the situations when he can’t, he jacks off to the Instagram models. Many of his readers pretended to agree with this statement of his.

He once mentioned that both Tai Lopez and Dan Lok like to make so many statements and act like all others are idiots. He stated that only broke guys like Tai Lopez or Dan Lok flaunt their Lamborghinis or Bentleys so much. Then he added, “Have you ever seen the shampoo billionaire John Paul Dejoria flaunting his cars?”

He once compared Tai Lopez with KingHuman. He added that although KingHuman also tells lies and exaggerates a lot, he is not super-annoying like Mr Tai Lopez and also tends to give a lot of knowledge on each of his brief videos.

Naturally busty lesbians are comfortable in their own skin and in their escorts’ arms

There was a time when I would make regular visits to the nearby brothel but then I got into a long-term relationship with a hooker and my life changed for the better. I am getting for free now what I used to pay a fortune for.

Anyways, there is this friend of mine who is a digital marketing specialist and brand manager. He sells his services on Elance, Fiverr and other platforms as well. He also teaches Portuguese, Esperanto and Spanish languages online. This friend of mine tried to sell dildos house to house in order to find a desperate enough woman to get lucky. But unfortunately, some of the women whose doors he knocked, called the cops on him, and he finally decided to stop doing that nonsense only after failing in pursuit for some days.

Nowadays, he is planning to inaugurate the world’s first adult courier service, which will only cater adult products including sex toys, sexy lingeries, bikinis, viagras and the likes only. He has very high hopes with this business idea and he believes that this idea is going to be his first step to become the next Jeff Bezos.

He has already created a website dedicated to this upcoming business of his, where he has been posting statements and other interesting stuff like, “Shout out to the Republic of China for making dildos, fleshlights, and other sex toys so reasonably priced.”

He also once posted a controversial post claiming that the Professional Wrestler Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust’s wife – Terri Runnels, who also worked as a Professional Wrestler and Valet for a while worked as an escort for a couple of years after her divorce with Dustin Rhodes, to get over with the divorce and to freshen up her mind completely. He further added that most of her clients used to be busty lesbians, not straight or bisexual men.

Amazon Inc may supply Nuru Masseuses in the future, claims a staff member of the AsianSexDiary

I wonder all the time about how much money could the Amazon Inc make, if they started pimping Japanese Nuru Masseuses. Look at the popularity of Masseuses nowadays, the AsianSexDiary receives millions of views per day, with tens of thousands of dicks being stroked to such videos every second.

After reading the above statement by me, you may be wondering that I am a Capitalist, so to your surprise, no, I am not a Capitalist, but I am rather what I call a ‘Socialist-Pleasurist’, I believe that most of the humans have been wasting their time in chasing paper money, because ultimately, the world is all going to be a Socialist world and the biggest proof are the events that have been going around the world, presently. I believe that by ‘New World Order’, Ex-President of the United States of America – George Bush Jr, meant a ‘Socialist World’, dictated by the USA alone. So, why waste your time in accumulating wealth, have all the sex that you can.

I have a weird fetish that I find women wearing anything leather to be extremely tempting, be it leather gloves or leather boots, just has to be leather. And I have this peculiar quality of being able to identify real leather or faux leather from miles away. My father or mother were never involved in the leather business and neither did any of my grandparents and I am still trying to figure it out that where did I get this ability from. Maybe, my real biological dad is not my real dad, only my mother knows.

Be in charge of the pussy that God blessed you with to fuck, doesn’t matter whether you are in Public or in your Bedroom

I have lately been working on to invent contraceptive pills that rather increase estrogen levels in the women rather than decreasing it. I believe that this invention of mine will definitely make you see couple having publicsex everywhere. You would literally be enjoying publicagent videos like scenario everywhere in real life.

Blessed are the pornstars who get paid for fucking. If you have sex at a public place in the United States, you get charged for it, but if you have sex in the public to shoot a publicporn movie, you get paid. What a marvelous country we live in! God Bless America!

I am really glad that most of the trendsetters today for women are sex freaks, be it WWE Divas, Pornstars, Singers or Hollywood Actresses. What I am even more happy about is the fact that more than ever before, all these trendsetters and the common women of our nation are open about how much they enjoy sexual activity in public.

Well, I wrote this parody song for CC Catch’s Hollywood Nights last night when I went out of lube and due to a very strong jock itch on dick, I couldn’t even imagine taking a wank without my lube. So, here is the song:-

“Daytime wankers and nighttime fuckers

Oh, they’re breaking all the records

Smashing each and every pussy that comes through

Smashing like the pornstars do

From a day in Porn Studio

And a dick without a foreskin

Kamasutra positions can go along, long way

Don’t stop these Red Hot nights

Take your viagra and find a pussy that is tight

Red Hot nights

Stop these Red Hot nights

Know that pussy is not tight

Red Hot nights

Pussies are more than little holes

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You have a dick and she is a chick

Suck her thick juicy lips

Have it when it is all wet

Don’t wait because it soon gets too late”

Petite Young Chick Holly Hendrix has some of the Best Lingerie Porn Movies that can be watched for free

Courage in the bedroom is not just the absence of fear, but enthusiasm to do things you have never done before. No matter how scary it may sound. For me personally, the best young newcomer pornstar is Holly Hendrix for the stuff she is willing to do. Nothing can compare. No matter how many Lexxxi Londons, London Reigns, Blair Williams, Lana Rhoades, Keisha Greys or Ortega Twins come, the greatest according to me is a bitch like Holly Hendrix who is willing to be dominated, tortured or do whatever it takes to make the men all across the globe happy.

My most favorite video of Holly Hendrix is the one in which the guy torn all her lingerie before getting all inside her asshole. I already enjoy lingerie porn a lot, and when features something like that, it is really something special for me.

I believe that retired pornstars should never get married into a traditional marriage. I believe that an open marriage is the right sort of marriage for them, mainly due to their extraordinary libidos which got even strengthened due to having sex all the time and fueling the same deliberately while working as pornstars.

After doing a thorough study on the ancient statements and idioms regarding the sexuality of men and women, I have come to the conclusion that those are mostly false, especially those hailing from the ancient China, India and Greece. I agree with the Romans to a great extent on such statements though.

I believe that the sex lives of the people all across the world, especially in the Islamic world will be greatly improved if the people are imparted proper sex education like they are being done in a couple of countries. You don’t need anything else but this blog if you have already stumbled upon the same to get sex education for yourself. Keep reading, keep fapping, keep sucking, keep fucking.

Watch any Xhamster video featuring Kayla Quinn to learn how much the rich bitches love to fuck

It is always a better experience compared to the previous time, each time I make love to my current girlfriend. Both her and myself have been getting better ever since we met each and other, in the words of this blog’s readers, we have been getting better ever since we fucked each for the first time.

My girlfriend speaks very politely in the public and like any other publicly soft-spoken woman that I ever got to know, she talks equally dirty in the private.

I used to be an extremely religious and spiritual in the past. And after experiencing atheism, free sex, religions, spirituality, all in extreme depth, I have come to the conclusion that spirituality and religion are nine days’ wonder while free sex is forever.

After having fun with several different ugly, beautiful and average looking women belonging to different ethnicities, income groups, body types, etc, I have come to the conclusion that ugly women with curvy bodies are the best fucks and talkative women are the lamest fucks. And also, both healthy and wealthy women have one thing in common and that is that they both love to fuck. Take Kayla Quinn and Emma Starr for example, both the chicks were millionaires even before joining the porn industry and they both are some of the best fucks that a man could ask for. Don’t believe me? Watching any of their free movies on Xhamster to know what am I saying.

One of your relatives is on Streamate and you don’t even know it

I didn’t have an idea that my grandma is one horny bitch until I saw her on one of the alternatives to livejasmin. I jack off to my grandma’s live sex chat each night when she is on the cam and nevertheless feel guilty afterwards. The only times when I didn’t jack off to her was when I was on NoFap and when she wasn’t working on that live sex cam chat website because she was undergoing some surgeries. I also didn’t have an idea that my grandma is half-plastic until I saw her naked for the first time.

Many times watching my grandma getting naked and fucking those teenage boys on the live cam chat makes me wonder that how fortunate have I been to have been born at the time when I can see such activities live, even more fortunate was my granddad who got to fuck my sexy grandma all the time when he was alive and made her pop out 9 babies out of her pretty pussy. My uncle and dad have been greatly fortunate as well to have sucked my grandma’s nipples. Sometimes, when I get too excited, I feel like telling my feelings to my grandma but then as soon as I come, I come back to my senses and start thinking how stupid I was to even think about telling my grandmother that I want to tittyfuck her, make her suck my dick and put it inside both her dirty holes.

Did I ever tell you that I lost my virginity to an elder female cousin of mine. She looks a lot like the pornstar Penny Flame and the biggest coincidence is that she initiated it after she caught me jerking off to a Penny Flame video while she was a guest at our house. Me jacking off to a Penny Flame video that day also has a great story behind it, in reality, I wanted to jack off to the same cousin’s pictures because her moving around in my house wearing skimpy clothes had me drool over her and back then, the only social media that we had was the Orkut, which used to be down often and it was luckily down that evening too.

Smart people spend their precious time with private strippers not friends

I personally believe that we need to find something in between the Communism and Capitalism if we really want to build a perfect society for ourselves and our upcoming generations.

Most friendships and relationships in the modern day and age are for the sale, so why waste your time on such useless stressful things when you can use the same on enjoying private strippers. But that is just me and all of my successful friends, you may go waste your precious time on maintaining your useless friendships. Good Luck to you!

It is my personal observation of about a decade that not the greatest chain smoker in the world, be it a male or a female is going to smoke a cigarette while having sex. Forget about smoking a cigarette while having sex, they aren’t even going to have it while enjoying a strip dance. I am one of the greatest chain smokers that you have never met, but when it comes to enjoying a strip dance or some sex, I forget completely that there is such a thing as a cigarette.

Although I hate the institute of marriage overall, I am okay with the open marriages. One of the facts being that the children born to parents in open marriages tend to be 1.5 times as smart as the ones born to the parents that had a traditional marriage. I pity the fact that I was born to the parents who had a traditional Catholic marriage, otherwise I would have been a lot smarter.

In the end, no matter how much sex you have, it is never enough, fuck it till you break it.

Passionate architect made millions with Toto and then spent it all on South Goa Escorts

Da Zhang is an architect who was always an incredible student. Da’s parents wanted him to become an engineer but he instead went for his passion – architecture. Da says that it was a very daring decision on his part as all the class-fellows and friends of his who were great students were going for the engineering due to the rise of several companies that require engineers like Hyundai, Samsung simultaneously in South Korea.

Da has several many other passions than architecture which includes online gambling and auto blogging. Da has won several bets with online Toto and he has lost many as well but it is miraculous that he wins bigger bets and lose the tiny ones. Da recently purchased a Hyundai Elantra with the money he won with betting on one Toto website.

Being an auto blogger, Da says that powerful scooters are a much better bet compared to the powerful motorcycles. He says that the joy of riding a scooter or a motorcycle is definitely subjective, some people like riding a scooter a lot more than riding a motorcycle and the opposite is also true. Da himself likes riding scooter more than he does like riding a motorcycle.

Da hates the fact that people of the developing countries still prefer entry level sedans over the premium hatchbacks although they seldom use the boot of their sedan which is the main purpose and utility of buying a sedan.

Da hates the adjustable driver seats, he says that it always gets him confused.

Da is against the plastic made dashboards and he says that sooner or later the car manufacturers will have to replace these unsafe, light and easily broken plastic dashboards with dashboards made of steel with a very thick leather sheet all over them.

Da has a passion for kissing women with peppermint lipstick and whenever he visits an escort at his most favorite place on earth – Goa, India, his first requirement is that the escort must wear peppermint lipstick. He has one helluva sexual escapade in Goa with South Goa Escorts.

We are fortunate to have been living in times when you can fuck a sex doll if you don’t have a real-life partner

It is my personal and that of millions of other men and women’s observation over the centuries that religious practice makes a man or a woman immoral but on the contrary, sexual indulgence does the exact opposite.

I don’t believe in the concept of heaven or hell after the death, but if there is any such thing as heaven and hell, then I am pretty sure that all those who tried to attach the guilt feeling for women that love to enjoy sexual pleasure are all burning in hell. Sexual activity, like no other is automatically valued by human beings and even animals. Gone are the days when the common belief was that the sexual intercourse is just a method of producing a child. Instead, everyone is having sex nowadays, just because it fulfills our sexual needs and desires, if they don’t find a willing human partner, they now have things like a mini sex doll and they don’t have to suppress their sexual desires for the reason of not having some real human to fuck around with anymore. The human beings indulged in the sexual intercourse for the very purpose all throughout the centuries in the past, but they wouldn’t admit it.

The human race ever discovering something more pleasurable than the sexual intercourse seems so remote a possibility as to be practically inconceivable.

There is no doubt that free-sex is the most powerful and pervasive feature of the modern western society and I am proud of living in these beautiful and revolutionary times.

This Punjabi Khatri escort from North Goa, India traveled all the way to United States for a better life

Anka Gulati is a Punjabi Khatri woman who came to the United States when she was 19 to study but decided to settle down here forever after coming here. Anka’s most favorite hobby is writing songs and betting online on trusted websites.

Anka used to work as a North Goa escort while she lived in India.

Anka recently wrote this Punjabi rap song:-

“Likhda main geet, na nede mere meet,

Youtube utte comedy karda Umer Shareef.

Meri akhaan vich gussa, meri akhaan ne laal,

Padoso mera bin gal de paunda jaanda dhamaal.

Meri bebe mainu kehndi putt kha le tu papita,

Kha le ban ja tu Cheetah.

Purani Duster, hath vich mere plaster,

Yaar mainu kehnde na kar tu koi fikar,

Ki ae ve mere muqaddar,

Lai ke saunda main phatti hui chaddar,

Jagah jagah khaanva main chittar,

Jede rehnde mere upar bajaunde mainu littar,

Tutta hoya ve chappar,

Thale rakh apniyan lataan,

Tainu pyaar naal dasaan piche mudh ke main na takaan,

Weight kar lose lagada hain Manhoos,

Main haan Yogi Ichadhari ti hain kanya kunwari,

Laiye maze baari baari,

Taunu raun di bimaari,

Lai doon tujhe peeli saree,

Lamborghini aur Rolls Royce mere liye jaise toys,

Mujhe paida karke de Bal Gopal chahe peele hon ya laal,

Tu hai totta maal, main hoon Harvard ka topper,

Leke ghumoon chopper – 15 Helicopter,

Aaja hawa mein khila doon tujhe Ferraro Rocher Testoni Loafers,

Lambi qataar, Gadkari mera yaar,

Hum dono 4 doodh peeke maarein dakaar,

Fit nahin aande kisi car,

Chahiye girlfriend moti jo rakhe baal ya baandhe choti,

Be painde ke lauti, koi fikar nahin hoti.

Mainu milan aaya Mukesh Ambani,

Taakat di goliyan paavan main boliyan,

Aaya ve bhuchal utton jawaal,

Hauli hauli lutdiyan husnan diyan sarkaran,

Bathroom de vich chalda ve shower main nachda jivein Shiamak Davar.”